13 Great Landing Page Optimization Tips

This blog post is from our Guest Author: Brandon Gaille
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If you run an online website for ecommerce or as a way to get visitors to your brick and mortar store, you need to have a landing page, or page where visitors land when they click your URL, that converts. This refers to getting those visitors to become customers and actually make a purchase. Your landing page is vital for the life of your online business, so consider 3 ways to create a landing page that converts your visitors into actual customers.

1. Separate Your Landing Pages

Many businesses have separate landing pages for different URLs, and these serve a few different purposes, including:
1. Gathering demographic information about your visitors.
2. Putting your offers in one spot.
3. Leading your customers to other marketing outlets and campaigns.
4. Learning which marketing campaigns are effective.
All of these are vital for better understanding your customers and for generating sales for your online business, and they can all have sales offers so that they all create customers no matter their other purpose.

2. Remember to CONVERT

Remember the acronym CONVERT; a simple but effective landing page that converts visitors into customers will have a:
• Clear call to action, telling the visitor what to do.
• Offer that is easy to identify and find.
• Narrow or defined focus.
• Very important attributes of a product or service, showing its benefit to the potential customer.
• Effective headline that grabs the reader’s attention.
• Resolution friendly look that is easy to navigate no matter the device used by customers.
• Tidy or clean graphics and visuals.
The appearance of your landing page is very important as is the message it contains, so remember these 7 attributes for yours and don’t neglect any one of them.

3. Try Just Two Landing Pages

If you’re not sure of how to use various landing pages to test your market and keep track of demographics, try just two landing pages. For each one, have a different email or marketing campaign so you see which one works; one might be more focused but simple, and the other might be more daring and concise. Both may be aimed at a particular demographic of your potential customer base. When you have just the two pages that are used this way you better understand how your campaigns perform and can also get a better understanding of your best customer.

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About Brandon Gaille
Mr. Gaille is the CEO of the internet marketing company ByReputation.com, which specializes in SEO, SEM/PPC, social media, and reputation management. Brandon is a serial entrepreneur that has founded five multi-million dollar companies. He is widely known as one of the top marketing minds in the United States.


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