5 Ways to Make 2017 Your Year As An Entrepreneur

It’s the beginning of a brand new year. Opportunities await all of us. It’s a fresh start to make something new, to make an impact, to make a difference.

For most of you reading this, it’s a time to finally start living your life, embrace your inner entrepreneur and to begin pursuing your passions and turn them into a reality.

Therefore; the title of this blog post is inherently flawed.

You do not need tips on how to accomplish your new year’s resolutions because you’re going to accomplish your new year’s resolutions. There is no doubt it.

Instead, follow these tips with the expectation that they are no longer tips, but guidelines, a framework to holding yourself accountable because time is short. You don’t know if you have a tomorrow. You don’t know if you have another year on this planet. Your dreams aren’t just going to happen themselves. You need to make them happen. One day at a time.

1) You’re going to stop thinking “what if” and thinking the worst

What if I fail?

What if I embarrass myself?

What if I lose all of my money?

What if I get way over my head?

Some of the what ifs that I have heard over the years, however, I do not hear the what if that I choose to ask myself every day, which is, what if I don’t accomplish what I was meant to accomplish in life?

That’s the one what if I refuse to face.

You should refuse to face that what if too.

You need to stop always assuming, thinking or worse, applying the worst to situations, circumstances, your dreams, hopes and instead, choose, as hard as it is, to look at the positive, the promising, and the hopeful.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you understand already how hard your journey is going to be, how the odds are against you. Instead of just making it harder for yourself, begin to choose to look at the positive in everything you do. The fact that in the face of adversary, the face of insanity, the face of what in the world am I getting myself into, you realize, how incredible it is that you’re living today, this moment, this year, and have the chance to even attempt what others can only dream about.

Make the most of it. Don’t be asking yourself what if as countless others do.

2) You’re going to realize that you only have one life and you need to live it to the fullest

Remind yourself, this is it.

You’re not getting a second chance on life.

You’re not getting a time machine to reset the clock.

Time is the only true resource that you have, that you can never get back, and the scariest thing, we don’t know when the buzzer is going to go off.

You have one shot at this, so let’s make it count.

Not to sound cynical, but seriously ask yourself, what if 2017 is it for you? It doesn’t matter if you’re 16, 34, or 86, seriously, ask yourself this question.

Did you accomplish what you’ve always felt you were destined to do?

No, well good news, 2017 has only just begun.

Stop hesitating, stop waiting, stop coming up with excuses, and embrace the life that you’ve been given the gift, the privilege and the chance to do something with. Go all in and make the most of it.

3) You’re going to give it your all, each and every day, not because it is easy, but because you don’t want to regret the what ifs

We’ve already covered it, what ifs are the one statement you will never, ever, again ask yourself, nor will you ask yourself in the future.

Instead, you’re now going to say, is this all I can give?

How can I go above and beyond?

How can each and every day, I make 2017 the absolute best year that I can, where I leave nothing, literally nothing on the table?

That you’re going to give it your all!

Listen, being an entrepreneur is not easy. It’s up to you to be a success. It’s up to you to learn from your own mistakes. It’s up to you to be a leader. It’s up to you to enjoy what it is you’re doing. So do it. Don’t make an excuse.

Learn to love the hustle.

Learn to appreciate the energy it takes to succeed.

Learn to accept the shortcomings and weaknesses.

Learn to adore the challenges and embrace the obstacles.

Love every minute of the journey, no matter how hard, how long, and how tiring it might be. 2017 is your year to crush it, but you’re only going to do that if you truly give it your all.

4) You’re going to love everything you do, every interaction that you have, not because you have to, but because life’s too short not to

Casey Nesitat once said a quote that I truly have embraced and began to live by in 2016. It’s that success isn’t defined by wealth, by health, by material possessions, by anything of the sort. Success is defined by doing more things that you love, and doing fewer things that you hate. The more things you do day to day that you love, that you can’t wait to do, the more successful you are in life.

Begin to love the journey. Begin to love everyone you work with. Your employees, vendors, customers, interviewers, hell, your server providers.

Love everything that comes your way, good and bad.

Choose to see the brightness, the positivity, the excitement that 2017 will bring, and don’t let the haters, the negative, the dark, bring you down. There is too much good in the world, and ahead of you in 2017, to be worrying and wasting your energy on such things.

5) You’re going to dream big but live each and every day as if it is your last

Listen, we’re all going to die someday.

Hopefully, we all have many, many, and many more years to live on this planet, that 2017 is just a year in the epic story that is our lives.

However, if it is or it isn’t, there is one thing moving forward you are going to do. That is not to waste another day of your life again.

You’re going to live each and every single day as if it is your last. You’re going to do what you love. You’re going to give it your all. You’re going to chase your dreams. You’re going to be the best person that you can possibly be.

You’re going to dream big and shoot for the stars, and you’re going to take every day to get one step closer.

You’re an entrepreneur. You understand more than most how much you can personally shape your life, your lifestyle, your beliefs, your work ethic, your relationships, your drive.

Embrace this.

Harness this.

Remember this.

Remind yourself of this.

Every single day in 2017.

2017 is going to be your year. We just know it.

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