9 Landing Page Optimization Best Practices

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High converting landing pages are not as complicated a concept as you might think they are. Although there are tons and tons of options for creating a formidable, successful landing page, there is also something of a universal formula.

Within your considerably diverse range of possibilities for building your landing page, there are a few universal rules you’re going to want to keep in mind.

How To Create A High Converting Landing Page

When you’re putting together your landing page, remember that you have options. Here are a few other things you’re going to want to note:

1. The Headline:
Create a headline that clearly and intriguingly expresses the core idea of your landing page.

2. Images and Videos:
Remember that both images and videos have the potential to create higher conversions than mere text.

3. The Benefits:
Your landing page is going to want to emphasize the benefits of whatever it is you’re offering visitors. Make these benefits easy to examine and absorb. Bullet points can make it easy to achieve this.

4. The Call to Action:
You always want to end your landing page with a call to action that’s going to make people feel both engaged by your content, and eager to become involved in some way. A great call to action gives people the opportunity to feel as though they’re part of your team.

5. The Page Fold:
The most important elements of your landing page should always be placed above the fold.

6. The Links:
Make sure that only the targeted traffic is being sent to your landing page. Giving your visitors too many options reduces your conversions. Navigational and link options should be kept to a minimum.

7. The Description:
You want a description that nails all the crucial details that are associated with what you’re offering visitors. This can be accomplished without overwhelming visitors with way more information than they actually need.

8. The Testimonials:
Include testimonials from people who have used your product/service, and had a wonderful experience with it as a result.

9. Establishing Trust:
A third-party verification service can go a long way towards establishing trust with your visitors. Establish trust, and that will almost assuredly translate into high conversion rates.

None of these things are difficult to put into action. By the same token, none of these things are going to limit the scope of your creative potential. Use that creativity, keep in mind the rules mentioned above, and you shouldn’t have any trouble creating something memorable and engaging.


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