The Alpha Group Press Release

Where do you go when business growth has experienced a down turn? How can business owners gain access to a pool of resources designed to increase profits? Who can they look to for wisdom and guidance to ensure their seat at the table of business success?
These are all questions asked by entrepreneurs and Directors alike and at The Alpha Group, we have the answers to these questions and more.
The most important aspect of a successful business is maximum profits with minimum expenditure and through the structured and strategic approach to coaching, The Alpha Group has been empowering Directors, CEO’s and business owners to achieve previously unimaginable profits and provide a collective pool of resources for people to draw from.
The structure is simple – membership makes it all possible and belonging to The Alpha Group as a member, we enable them to retain their freedom as a business owner but also benefit from workshops designed to break down the barriers to maximum profit and unprecedented sector growth. With our tried and tested Mastermind process, the Alpha Group board will help them to gain clarity and solutions to some of the biggest problems they are faced with in business.
The Alpha Group is unique in two ways – as a business, we can offer Regional Directors of an already existing company the guidance and coaching to overcome any situations that may arise and unlock the full potential of your business or through membership we can present you with a fully operational company. As a Regional Director with the Alpha group you will be rewarded with a fully operational company where you can do your own recruitment of members and make monthly residual income from your members.
What Tag Regional Directors Need To Do?  
The successful Alpha Group Regional Directors will:

  • Turn out to be highly qualified, professional and experienced mentors or coaches or trainers in the business field.
  • Make sure that the best standards of professionalism are maintained at all times.
  • Be ready to share their ideas, knowledge, wisdom and experience with their members.
  • Be ready to develop successful Alpha Groups that will help them to improve on their income.
  • Be totally committed and accountable for making a huge transformational change in the attitude and behaviour of their members towards business.

Rewards You Can Enjoy
The following are the rewards that you earn by becoming a TAG Regional Director:

  • You can work from anywhere in the world and you are completely in charge of time allocation.
  • You can have a very good balance of work and life and can choose a working style that will best suit your lifestyle.
  • You can earn a handsome income, if you have the goal and the vision you could earn even more. Your first full group will earn you up to £2000 per month every month.
  • Help your members to achieve greater business success through your advice, direction and motivation.

Now is the time and it is never too late to join us at this level to make a once in a lifetime change. Join The Alpha Group’s revolution as a Regional Director and take great joy in helping your members dominate in their business fields.
These are just a few benefits of membership and opportunity in which we act as a partner to enable them, and member’s businesses, to reach new heights and unlock full potential.
Next training courses are; These are a fun and full 5dyas of intense information share.
07th December in the UK
18th January in Bucharest Romania
01st February in the USA
22nd February in the UK
I look forward to you joining us on this journey and I sincerely believe that together we can enjoy the spoils of what we can achieve in business. I can be reached on the details below and I can answer any questions you may have about membership and how we can partner together in the future.
Sincerely Yours,
Colin Lindsay
Managing Director
The Alpha Group Worldwide
M: +44 779 597 6292


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