Apple Purchased Numerous Companies During the past Year but Three Have Never Been Revealed

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During the past few years, the tech savant Apple purchased numerous companies but of them, particularly three companies’ names have never been exposed in public, according to a declaration from Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple.

Earlier in this month, Tim attended a conference call regarding Apple’s earnings where he told in a moment that “We’ve made 15 acquisitions in the last four quarters to accelerate our product and services roadmaps, and we’re always on the lookout for companies with great technology, talent, and strategic fit.”

Even recently, Tim has appeared on CNBC with Jim Cramer’s show also called Mad Money, Tim went there to discuss Apple’s earning calls and so on, but he stated that “We generally acquire a company every three to four weeks on average. And so it’s a rare month that there’s not a company being bought.”

Apart from the three organizations here is all the purchased list of those company name acquired by Apple:

  • FoundationDB, a business that made database technology for web applications
  • LinX, an Israel-based camera company whose tech could end up in this year’s iPhone
  • Coherent Navigation, a company that worked on high-precision GPS
  • Metaio, a German augmented-reality business
  • Mapsense, a California company that made tools for location data
  • VocalIQ, a British business that made machine-learning software for speech recognition
  • Perceptio, a startup using deep-learning technology to identify images
  • Faceshift, a Swiss company that made technology for generating facial animations with a computer
  • LegbaCore, a two-person security firm
  • Emollient, a California-based artificial-intelligence startup
  • LearnSprout, a San Francisco business that made a data dashboard for educators
  • Flyby Media, an augmented-reality startup

So, that leaves three clear spaces. The genuine number could be higher: Some Apple buys are accounted for months after they close, so some of these 12 reported organizations may drop out of Cook’s one-year course of events.

He has indicated that he will purchase billion-dollar organizations, and Apple keeps on lurking in the shadows for extra acquisitions.

As Apple claims that it purchases smaller innovation organizations every now and then — however, taking into account the above, it can be seen that Apple buys them all the time.


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