Bianca Tudor, Elite Business Women Founder: Entrepreneurs Should Be United

Bianca Tudor, founder of Elite Business Women community, believes that the problems entrepreneurs encounter on a frequent basis are actually chances to create new opportunities. Some people would argue that it’s even harder for women entrepreneurs, but Bianca’s answer is always “No!”. This negative answer may not be liked by people who are looking to complain, not to find solutions and who forever want to stay in a grey area.
So why “No”? At least why No in Romania: women have access to education, one third of Romanian entrepreneurs are women, women own 240,000 companies which create 740,000 workplaces etc. Everything can be obtained only through hard work, though, processes are difficult and you will meet obstacles.
Bianca Tudor: “What is missing, in my opinion, is entrepreneurial education, unity among entrepreneurs, mentors and real models. That’s why Elite Business Women has started the They Have Succeeded. Successful Business Models. campaign. The guests were women entrepreneurs and international speakers. Step by step, know-how is passed on from mentors to entrepreneurs and experiences are exchanged. The campaign took place in Bucharest, Constanța, Cluj Napoca, Rm. Vâlcea, Brașov, Iași.”
Bianca adds that emphasis should be on entrepreneurs being united and supporting local entrepreneurship: “If we act together, each of us will be better off and we will help our economy and our country get better. Sometimes during conferences I give people the apple example: if I have an apple and you have an apple and we exchange apples, I will have an apple and you will have an apple. But if I have an idea and you have an idea and we exchange them, in the end each of us will have 2 ideas.” This is Elite Business Women mission and Bianca’s belief.
“Change starts with you. So let’s change the entrepreneurship image together!” – says Bianca.
Photo credit: Elite Business Women


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