Build a Thriving Business Practice – with Gerard O'Donovan


Building Your Coaching Practice

Exclusive Business Module with Noble Manhattan Coaching ltd 

If you :

  • You want to attract new customers
  • Want your business not only survive, but to achieve real success
  • Dreaming of sustainable growth and higher profits
  • Crave your work to receive recognition and respect
  • Believe in what you do, and want others also to believe in you
  • Ready for a newfound sense of satisfaction!
  • Looking for positive change in business and life 
… This is the one business development course you should consider!
It will definitely be a successful investment for you!

Being a coach, student coach or entrepreneur can be quite daunting. Not only do we need to know everything about our industry and how to deliver a great product and service but we must also be masters at brand raising, marketing and selling and this is where many of us stumble.


  • Noble Manhattan, have been training coaches in 28 countries for a longer than most other coaching organisations in the world.
  • We have got huge experience helping entrepreneurs to build their business and attract clients.
  • With that in mind we have launched an incredible one day highly intensive jampacked training called

Build Your Professional Practice

– What is needed to build personal coaching business practice that is really successful?

WHEN: March 20, 2017 (Mon)

WHERE: Sofia, Bulgaria – NMC Training Center at Jasmin Hotel, Simeonovo

Time: 9:00 till 17:30 h

For information on prices and how to register

contact the closest office of Noble Manhattan Coaching in your area

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This incredible seminar includes:

  • Techniques to build your coaching business
  • Insights to generate new clients and build profits
  • Help designing a highly lucrative business plan
  • Support to craft a powerful elevator speech
  • The secrets of highly effective networking
  • What not to do when marketing your business
  • Special business-building tools and products
  • How to create a “success” mindset
  • Master class advice on image and first impressions
  • Understand how others perceive you and your message, and where to ‘tweak’ both for better results

If you can do only one thing to improve your business, attend this seminar!
This training will be facilitated personally by Gerard O’Donovan, CEO and founder of Noble Manhattan Group.

Gerard will teach you everything you need to know to build a successful, thriving, professional coaching practice, including:
How to do it without it costing you anything !




When : 20th March 2017

Time: start of registration 9:00 am; seminar from 9:30 am to 17:30 pm

Where : Sofia, Jasmin Hotel, Conference room.  

The training “Building a successful business practice”will be conducted in English language!

For information on prices and how to register

contact the closest office of Noble Manhattan Coaching in your area.

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This day is probably the most jam-packed informative day you will ever attended with regards to building your coaching practice.

  • Cutting Edge Skills and Techniques to Build your Coaching Business
  • Everything you need to know to Generate Clients and build a Profitable Business
  • Come away with your own Business Plan
  • Design your own unique and powerful elevator speech
  • The Secrets of Networking and how to do it Effectively
  • Full overview of Special Tools and products to help you Generate Clients
  • Learn some of the cutting-edge secrets Gerard uses to build his own business
  • Understand the power of social networking and the power of relationships
  • Learn all about Facebook, Twitter and Blogging, and the mistakes that most people make
Gerard has helped more coaches than anyone else in Europe to build a successful practice .-as someone who has trained well in excess of 22,000 professional coaches in 28 countries- there is no one in a better position to show you how to build and grow a thriving and financially rewarding coaching practice
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For further information contact the closest office of Noble Manhattan Coaching in your area
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