Coaching for Beirut – A Request for Help

Dear Fellow Coaches,

This email is going out to all the Noble Manhattan ‘Family’ of students and Coaches past and present following the tragedy in Beirut.

We have in Beirut around 50 student coaches and numerous Coaches, Faculty, Coaching Support Groups and their Leaders and participants, Alpha Groups with their Leaders and participants, all with family and friends who have been affected by this terrible event. Our hearts go out to everyone suffering in the wake of this disaster. However, we particularly wanted to do something to help members of our NM ‘Family’ and their extended families during this difficult time. We have just had a meeting with the Company and Regional Directors of Noble Manhattan Coaching to discuss what we can do to help and felt we could best help people through virtually offering our coaching skills.

We know we have trained many wonderful coaches over the years, hence my reason for contacting you.

As you will have heard on the news, many people have had their homes destroyed and the death toll is rising. But for those who do still have their homes, their lives have been affected in so many ways. We would like to invite you to join us in offering your coaching services to help our fellow coaches and their loved ones in Beirut – those who of course still have access to internet.

Our plan is to gather as many people as possible who will offer coaching services free of charge to help firstly our Noble Manhattan ‘Family’ and their loved ones both adults and adolescents. The people in Beirut speak English, Arabic and French so if you are able to offer coaching in any of those languages that would be wonderful and I’m sure much appreciated. Of course, you may well be just lending a kind and empathetic ear or providing a much needed sounding board. However, if you have additional skills that might be of use then that would also be welcomed. We aim to offer Group Coaching via Zoom or other platforms together with individual coaching sessions free of charge to anyone from our NM ‘Family’ and their extended families and friends.

If you would like to become involved, please email us providing your contact details: email address and contact number together with any details you feel might be useful and send it to: – one of our team will then contact you with further details.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Our aim is that together, we can make a difference.

Warmest wishes,



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