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Coaching is more than just showing a person or a group how to improve one aspect of their lives. A big part of executive coaching is showing individuals how to improve various aspects of their lives in order to boost overall performance. It is the job of the coach to find the areas that are holding that person or group back and teach the principles that will help that person or group be more successful in the long run. Coaching for performance is not just about taking those who are already successful and building on that success, it is taking those who are having very little success and showing them what changes can be made to become a more productive individual.

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A coach who focuses on performance may draw heavily from the realms of the military or competitive sports. In both of these areas, performance is very important, and the discipline that they require can come in handy during executive coaching sessions. Performance coaching is most often used for individuals and groups that want to improve their overall performance and have more success in the long term. It is often used for individuals who want to make a career change, who want to climb in their own career, what to kill bad habits, or who have experienced a setback.
Making a Career Change
Whether the change is to a completely different industry or whether it is simply transitioning from an employee to a manager, performance coaching can be seriously helpful. It can make the transition much smoother and ensure that the individual making the change has to tools that he needs to really be successful in this new position.
Career Planning
One of the biggest factors of climbing the ranks of your chosen profession is having the right skills and disposition to perform well, no matter where you are place. When planning your path through your career, it will be vital to have the adaptability and motivation to mold your skills to just about any job or position.
Changing Behavior
If you are not performing well in your career, even if you love the work, there may be a behavior or attitude that needs to be adjusted. Coaching for performance can address this issue and help to correct it so that you can continue to succeed.
When you experience a setback, you may begin to feel that you do not know how to proceed. Taking a hit to your job performance is never fun, but performance coaching can show you how to power through a disappointment and continue being productive so that you can continue advancing.
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