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Happy Tuesday from Coach Radio International! We’re super excited to introduce you to Ruby McGuire, aka Queen of Connection, who we have teamed up with to bring you (what we think) is the best podcast training out there – and it’s available exclusively to you first! Let’s hear a few words from Ruby as to why she thinks you should consider running your own podcast show;
“Being visible in business can be challenging. You might know it’s something you need to do, but knowing and doing can be two different ball games. I work with a lot of business owners and very often the fear of being visible can kick into place and stop them from showing up.
Let me share with you just some of the amazing benefits of running your own podcast show;

  • Your list size will grow and continue to grow on a daily basis
  • You will attract more paying clients
  • It helps to establish you as the go-to expert in your chosen area of coaching/personal and business development

This sounds great doesn’t it? But where do you start? Well, that’s where we come in! I’ve created some online training for you that is going to take you step by step through the process.
The difference with this programme over others you may be considering, is that as I work with a lot of business owners, I know the kind of challenges you face in your businesses. We’ll work together on what content to share, and then how to actually get your podcast marketed so you have more than just your mum and best friend listening in!
I look forward to working with you all and making your business fabulous.”
Ruby McGuire
In the next couple of weeks, we will be rolling out this amazing podcast training to you – our newsletter subscribers will get access first. We will have 3 levels of programme, modules 1, 2 and 3. Each stage will take you further along your podcast creation journey. We’ll start by setting the foundations, then take you through the technical information you need to know and then finally we’ll share with you how to create content and then pull together a marketing plan. We’re with you all of the way. Not only that, but during/after your training you’ll be able to attend monthly Q & A webinars to get your techie/content creation & marketing questions answered.
To register your interest and ensure you are the first to access this amazing opportunity, head to
In the meantime, have a great day and as always – Stay Tuned!
The Coach Radio International Team


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