Does Career Coaching Now Need More than Just Time?

Here at the-Coaching Blog-run by Gerard O’Donovan, our aim is to constantly bring value to those seeking to improve their lives. Therefore we have a policy of publishing articles and materials by guest authors whom we value and appreciate. Today’s guest author is Tracy A. Shand (UK).

The place that you are at today, both personally and professionally, is as a result of the choices that you have made. Big choices, small choices and no choices have all played a part in building your tomorrow. Over time you have made more and more choices in the game of life to create the life that you have. But is this the life that you want? Does your job inspire you or frustrate you? Did you choose this line of work by choice or chance? Your career is a big part of who you are, but what one emotion do you feel when you talk about it?

Work is a necessity of life, but how you feel about it now is affecting you being well in a world that is constantly changing. Thoughts drive emotions. Emotions drive behaviour. Behaviour drives your future. Given the direction of the world economy combined with the advance of technology, to maintain employment it is best to prepare now for your future career. To better prepare for your future, career coaches work with individuals to set career goals, develop an action plan successfully prepare for the future that you want. The world may change, new opportunities may be created, but one thing is constant- YOU. Have you ever felt as if you should settle – for a job, a lifestyle or relationship? I know that I have. When you settle for a job or career that is less than what you want, you give up the opportunity to be your best self at work. What is your best self? What is the ‘one talent’ you have that the world needs? Moving forward now is all about you giving a 100% commitment and getting total fulfilment.

Are you ready to move forward now?

All you need is a pen, the curious nature of a child and some time.

What does your career NOW mean to you?

Depending on the level of responsibility in your workplace, this three-letter word will create emotions and action. Getting numbers, appointing staff, what I have (or have not) done today or maybe something else… there is always something going on! Let us not talk about the ‘curveball’ now that seems to be dominating your day so you are not able to get anything else done. Successfully ‘living in the now’ is determined by how you feel. All aspects of your life coming together is the real you that you take into your workplace each day. If you combine the ‘now’ acronym with aspects of your daily life there is so much more to these three letters than can help everyone move forward. You may have failed in the implementation of your New Year resolutions (again) or goals that have gone, but if you grab a pen now you may just create a new one. It is time to be smart by asking some questions for you to create a daily plus one for your success.

But before you begin, you must understand one key concept:

You are in charge of your career, not your employer.

New Original Works

The career landscape is changing. New job titles are being created daily. People are being made redundant daily. When I was younger an apple lived in a fruit bowl- what about now? What new initiatives are you putting into place? If you don’t do something your competitor will? Start something that will make your life easier. Take a quiet moment (okay just a moment) to write down three things you would like to give your organisation to build tomorrow. Now which one will you action. Which one can give you the career capital you need to move forward?

Nurture Our World

You can’t lead others if you do not lead yourself. I challenge you to keep a personal diary for a week – how you feel, your meals, your sleep. Take a moment when you are not working and read it back. What three pieces of advice would you give to your best friend if this were their lifestyle? Action it before Natures Own Way tells you to stop, look and listen. Perform a random act of kindness to yourself and a colleague and make work a great place to be.

No Other Way

The world is changing and what worked yesterday will not prepare you for tomorrow. All other organisations need to adapt to survive. It is time to be strategic for success. At your next team meeting, step into the shoes of your colleagues, customers and community. Write down three changes that could empower them for success. Better still, ask them. Remember, it is the simple things that can make the most impact – and usually cost little money. Just as well with your budget.

No Opportunity Wasted

You are in charge if your career. But, are you? Many people rely on their employers to provide the development that they need. How can you invest in yourself? List all the ways you want to move forward. How can you action it? What opportunities do you need to move up, into your dream company or out? Time is free – could you volunteer to gain new skills? What about putting some time aside each week to use the internet as a resource to move forward? Could you become an intrapreneur in your organisation or an entrepreneur on the side? What ‘pain’ do people have that you have a solution for?

So, as you can see the word NOW can have many different meanings for you, your organisation and the future. Do you have another one? How you interpret a word creates thoughts that drive your emotions and life. No wheel of career life, just a revolution for you by unleashing the power of one word now.

One final question to you is all about personalised learning. What one thing could you do NOW that your future self will thank you for?

Just one… because as you know New Options Work as long as you take one step a day…now where is your pen?


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