From Thought to Result

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I had the chance to meet Robert Burcea, who is responsible for various coaching, personal and business development events and conferences not only in Romania but also all over Europe. He is the founder of International Concept “Robert Burcea & Friends”. The concept is based on directing people’s mentality towards their own fulfilment, towards discovering and following their passion.
Carmen Moraru (CM): Can you tell us more about “From Thought to Result” which is now in its second edition?
Robert Burcea (RB): After the pilot edition, which was held in Romania’s Capital, Bucharest, next is the inaugural edition in Cluj, where the special guest will be Paul Martinelli, brought here especially by Sorin Popa, who is the founder of John Maxwell Team Romania.
CM: How did come up with the idea of organising this event?
RB: It came as a completion to what I was already doing, to be more precise I was organising student events at my university, Petrol and Gases (from Ploiesti), economical engineering in the mechanical field. For two years I had been going to the most important personal development and business events and I had read over 200 books on personal development and business and my mentors help me develop and change my perspective, which is why I wanted to help other people as well.
CM: Who are your models in personal development and entrepreneurship?
RB: I have several mentors: John Maxwell, Brian Tracey, in Romania I have Bogdan Comănescu, in several areas. It is very important to have one mentor on every specialty that you desire. For instance, a mentor in Sport, another one in Business, another one in Marketing and another one in Personal Development.
CM: You mentoned about books earlier, what books can you recommend?
RB: In order to understand how important the team is, I recommend John Maxwell.  He is No. 1 in the world on Leadership. For Personal Development and changing your perspective and mentality – Brian Tracy. Donald Trump helped me a lot in Business Pragmatism. I could also recommend Jack Canfield, with his “Schicken Soup”, who wrote several successful books.
CM: Ted Turner quoted Thomas Paine and said: “Lead, follow or get out of the way”. Can you elaborate on this?
RB:  A leader must know at first how to follow people and then to inspire others in return in order to take them higher than he’s at.
CM: The types of beliefs that we have are very important because they determine the quality of our lives. What would be, in your opinion, the types of beliefs of successful people?
RB: This is a very good question. In fact, one of the roles that I will be offering at the event that I am organising in Romania and in Europe as well is that of mingling among successful people, in order to think and to have the mentality and the perspective of successful people. When I say success, I am not only referring to the spiritual and the material, but also the financial part as well. First of all, beliefs are given by society, and this society teaches you how to be a good employee, not an entrepreneur.
CM: I wonder if the successful people know how to make use of “The aSecret” in another way than does the rest of the world?
RB: It depends from case to case. It is not something with a general applicability, but what I have learnt from the majority is that they also take action in this direction, they do not just wait. For instance,  this book was very well received in Romania because it makes you think that you don’t have to do anything and that things will come to you only if you think about them. This is about having a vision, which is a very important thing, but there is more. My personal motto, nobody else uses it, is: “Action stays, intention goes”. When you have a vision, a great plan, you must act in that direction. And there are three more keys that are very simple, essential for the every business’ success and represent an essential factor that may help you become a millionaire.  Three factors that you must know how to master very well: networking, marketing and selling.
CM: Not only beliefs are important, but also the limitative thinking patterns, which are being formed on their basis. How can we identify and – even more – how can we modify these limiting thinking patterns?
RB: We cannot realize that we have a limiting way of thinking. Why? Because we cannot know more than what we are in the environment that we live in. There’s the need for a gigantic desire to change which comes especially from a frustration that you have. This is the only way that the majority of people succeeded in changing themselves. There is the need of a huge frustration in order to get out of your comfort zone and to desire success.
CM: Public speaking is a successful way of communication, as a result of which you make friends. What are the secrets behind this successful communication?
RB: It is very interesting that I am not a specialist in Public Speaking, but I am a specialist in communication, relations and partnerships, managing to befriend and to attract as partners the most successful people in Romania and a part of Europe as well. The first essential thing that has helped me a lot and many people have it is to admire people. It is very important not to regard people with hate, but to admire them for who they are and what they want to achieve. Another thing is to be joyful when you meet people, I personally love people and feel very comfortable around them. Another essential factor is to offer support to others, to listen and to make them feel important, not to highlight yourself.
CM: The event that you are organising in Cluj is called “From Thought to Results”. All of the great projects have started like this. At first there was the idea, the thought. What would be, in your opinion, the steps that we need to follow in order to materialize our thoughts, our ideas?
RB: First of all you need a vision. Second of all, you need to trust yourself. The self trust comes from the third thing which is related to mentors. The mentors can help you trust yourself.  This is their role, to convince you that you can achieve what you are set out to do, and self trust is of a capital importance. You can start by wishing something very little, everything that you say and that you do will boost your self esteem and self trust. And when you say one thing to people it is of utmost importance to keep your word, it is important first of all for you.  Very often people are not punctual and not disciplined.  These things are being learnt step by step. One of the keys to success is punctuality – and moreover – discipline.
CM: Donald Trump said: “If you’re going to think anyway, think big”.
RB: That is correct.
CM: Buddha said: “What we think, we become”. The same idea is found in the movie “The Secret”: we are what we think. To what extent do you agree with this?
RB: It is quite true. So is with getting upset, for instance. We victimize ourselves. This has happened to me a lot. I am an emotional person. And although my rational part was aware of what was happening, the emotion was stronger and I was falling 100% not necessarily into depression, but in a realm where I could not be rational. This is how it can be cured – first of all with the help of mentors and then by telling yourself what you are learning from it.  It is very important to think all the time in terms of challenges not problems. To think in terms of solutions not in terms of problems. The more you think about solutions, the closer you are to materializing your desires.
CM: You gathered under the umbrella of the event from Cluj personalities from various fields, such as: entrepreneurship, management, business, personal development, sales, coaching. What is the vision that the event organized by Robert Burcea & Friends in Cluj wants to communicate?
RB: Having friends in various fields, in Romania and in Europe as well, I wanted to offer people a maximum of quality so that they can find themselves among the fields I present and each of them may have the possibility of following his or her own dream. It is important to walk in life on the path of your passion and to enjoy what you have and what you will have in the future.
CM: Who are some of your guests?
RB: One who has helped me a lot is Bogdan Comănescu, who is, from my point of view, number one in Romania with his company, Accelera. Bogdan Comănescu is the founder of the largest personal development event in Romania.  He gathers 1500 people at every event. It is called “I Deserve, I Want and I Can Do More” , and the other largest event in Romania is Business Days, which gathers the greatest entrepreneurs and trainers in Romania. This is the environment where I have grown the most.
CM: What is, in your opinion, the difference between wishes, dreams, objectives and purposes?
RB: The wish is the one which makes a person take the decision to buy, the dream is the thing that inspires people, the purpose is the objective towards which you are heading, when you have an essential purpose, it is important to write it down on a piece of paper and the objective is made out of the steps that you need to take in order to meet your goal.
CM: What recipe can you give us in order to live our dreams?
RB: First of all, you must get out of your way, and to allow yourself to dream and to have wishes, then it is crucial to have faith, self trust is the factor makes you act in this direction, and your mentors have the role of both giving you this faith and putting you in the right direction A mentor will give you the map because you do not know the way. A lot of successful people come from America, like Bob Proctor and Napoleon Hill. They say that if you know what you want and why, you will also find out how.
CM: In other words, what Sun Tsu said applies here: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”.
RB: Yes, indeed. The trainers whom I invited at my first edition congratulated me very much and they appreciated the fact that I took action. Very few people are so much afraid that they do not take the very first step. In order to achieve something, you must begin with the first step. This way the next steps will follow.
CM: So many times we sabotage our own results, by putting obstacles by ourselves, by the lack of faith in our own forces, by the lack of courage or by the limiting beliefs that are stored at the level of our subconscious. What would be, in your opinion, the ways in which we could stop putting obstacles in our own way?
RB: First of all, you must start from the idea that it is going to be difficult, all of the successful people have gone through difficulties at a given moment in time, it is only in that moment that you realise what were the sacrifices that you had to do. Another essential thing is to talk to yourself. Coaching is for yourself as well as for the others, it is an essential thing quite helpful in teamwork, in Leadership and in Productivity. Ask yourself all the time why you are doing what you do and what it is that you want. Another thing that I would like to mention here: they say that if you don’t have the answer in your head, you have it in your heart. And if you donot have it in your heart either, the others have it.
CM: And where is it best to have it?
RB: The important thing is to find it.
CM: According to lui Allan Pease, communication is made out of nonverbal language in a proportion of 80% and of verbal language in a proportion of 20%.  In what proportion does this apply to personal development?
RB: This is a very good question. I really have not thought about this until now. Well, it depends. Personal development is oriented first of all towards yourself, it tends in a certain way towards individualism, but individualism in order to help the others afterwards. It is true that nonverbal language is very strong.  Let me make a small comparison: the difference between the conscious and the subconscious. I do not know if you knew: our subconscious is 95% and our conscious is only 5%.So a secret that I would like to mention for the subscribers of your magazine: what you say to yourself everyday becomes the result, you become what you think because your thoughts are influencing your subconscious part.  Me, for instance, I listened to audio books  or read books almost every day so that my subconscious is ready to have a lot of money, to be a millionaire, to be a successful person, to add value to people’s lives,  to help as many people as possible. Because the subconscious is controlling you. You are aware, but you act as a result of your subconscious.  So all that you hear, see, feel, live will remain in your subconscious and will be reflected in what you manifest every day and every moment, including when you are asleep.
CM: Change Management deals mainly with adaptability, with the way in which we interpret the situation that take place in our lives. “It is not the change that does us in, the transition is! Psychological transition. The difficulty lies in the realm of the mind”, said Jim Bagnola, specialist in change management. How can we create a new reality, how can we adapt adapt it more easily in your opinion? How can we change our perceptions?
RB: The first thing is faith. Change does not come unless you want it. We hear every day the information that we need from the people that we come in contact with. New solutions, new opportunities appear every day but we do not recognize them. I could add that it is about desire and courage, about the courage of trying and seeing whether it is true or not.  I personally have spoken to a lot of people.   This is how I was able to become a better person, starting from one  who did not have any friends, who had nobody to talk to, to having hundreds of friends and thousands of acquaintances, making surveys and speaking to thousands of people. People are afraid of the unknown and do not head in that direction. Another thing that I personally enjoy was to help people without them asking me first. And by being afraid of the unknown, people reject any kind of help that I offer. You have to have the courage to ask for help and to try out the pieces of advice that you receive in order to gain practice because there is a difference between experience and practice.
CM: “The only disability we have in life is a bad attitude. What tested recipe do Robert Burcea & Friends give us in order to turn our negativ4e attitudes into positive ones and to have success?
RB: Attitude is related to emotion. It is crucial and the first time when I felt this thing was when I dated a girl. If you want to know how important the attitude is, go on a date with a girl who is more beautiful and earns more money than you as a man do, and you will understand how important the attitude is and then seize the difference between you and a man who is successful with girls.  It is here where you realize how important attitude is. Another important thing to see in attitude is that it is translatable.  By attitude I also understand enthusiasm. I manifest all the time a special enthusiasm by which I attract people on my side when I am talking about my passion  and about what I do because  I follow my dream and I do what I like, and I can do this all the time.  I said that it is a matter of time, people gaining trust on the value I offer them. First of all by my experience and then by the people that are next to me and offer them information.
CM: What is your message for our readers of ICN?
RB: To become better, to invest in themselves,. For instance, in Romania, it is promoted the fact that education is for free, which is a huge mistake. In England, in America, education and university are being paid for. To be better, to invest in yourself, to do all you can do in order to have mentors, in order to tailor your way to success.
CM: I have one more question. Robin Sharma said: “Do you do it for the love or do you do it for the money?” How can we transform our passion into money?
RB: Money is a consequence. It is true that we need money. I have spoken to hundreds of people and entrepreneurs. Their first mistake is that they do not take advices, they do not accept the ideas suggested by the people who went through the same mistakes as they have. Me, for instance, I have spoken to thousands of people who shared with me the mistake hey have made at different ages, so that I am capable to know what mistakes I will make in ten, twenty years from now and how I will think in twenty years and I can win enough time to avoid other people’s mistakes and to make my own mistakes. Yes, you can monetize. But the first thing that you need is marketing. As I said earlier, I have spoken to thousands and thousands of people so I know a lot of verified information as a result of which I will have a few businesses and I will try to help a lot of people in order to build a very powerful team.  You need marketing. People who start a business invest in infrastructure, in materials, they do not invest in people and most of all in marketing. They clench when it comes to marketing which is precisely the most important factor of any business. It is the marketing that makes the difference between number one quality and the best-sold product. And you need quality, you need a team, but first and foremost you need marketing. In order to succeed with all these things, you need a team. John Maxwell teaches you the best about the importance of a team. Brian Tracy teaches you the best how to materialize your thoughts into results. Any dream can come true if you have the appropriate vision and you act as a consequence to a plan which lead towards meeting your goal, having the appropriate people around. You definitely need a high performance teamwork and networking. Just think how hard it is when you do not have the money but the challenge is also greater – to succeed without having the money. Why? Because when you know how to make one hundred thousand euros, you have to repeat the step and you will make two hundred thousand euros and if you repeat the steps again, then you will make ten thousand euros. And if you go bankrupt, you only have to repeat the steps. When you know how to make a certain amount of money7, all you have to do is to repeat the steps in order to make more money.
CM: If you have anything else to say and I omitted in asking you:
RB: I would like to say that starting from 2015 I will have a series of six events in Romania and at least three in Molodavia – in Chişinău, in England – in London, I will also try Germany and, maybe, Austria or Greece. And if there aren’t events in all these locations in 2015, they will certainly be by 2016.  Why? Because the value that I am offering together with some of the most performance people in Romania and in these countries will make a difference for every person and it will help every country develop more via the entrepreneurs and the economy will rise first of all because of the entrepreneurs.
Credit Source:
Carmen Moraru – iCN Journalist (Romania)
Carmen’s mission in life is to help people. She believes that there is something beautiful inside everyone.
She is also an author of books on personal development, Journalism, Psychology, Parapsychology, Alternative Therapies (Usui Reiki Ryoho, ThetaHealing, Munay Ki), Online Advertising.

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