Gerard O’Donovan on the World of Coaching

Watch a short video of Gerard O’Donovan

Worldwide president of the IIC&M being interviewed on the topic of “the world of coaching”


Gerard O’Donovan is an Accredited Fellow Coach (AFC) and an Accredited Fellow Mentor (AFM) of the International Institute of Coaching (IIC&M). As a long time Coach, he shares his experience, journey and the future of the coaching career.


  • Dana Davis
    September 9, 2014 at 11:24 pm

    Wow. If you have not watched this video and you are deciding on your niche or career in coaching… THIS IS IT! This video will put you over the edge in your decision to become a Coach.
    Gerard O’Donovan speaks about his philosophy of coaching and speaks about the 3 lessons for those who have just began in coaching.
    I absolutely loved this video and have watched it 3 times now. Not only for the information but because I just enjoy listening to him speak! Love it!

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