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Opus Energy
If you’re a small business owner, then there’s a fairly high chance that you don’t need to read the stats to know that SMEs up and down the country are incredibly busy and pressed for resources.
In case you’d like to see the cold, hard proof, it works out that nearly three quarters (71%) of decision makers within small and medium enterprises have to cover multiple roles as a daily part of their job.
That’s not to say that they’ve lost their ambition – half of small businesses are expecting their business to grow this year, and a further 57% would really welcome a boost to help them keep up these growth predictions (all of this is according to the new Business Boost report from Opus Energy).
So how do you help the owner of a start-up, microbusiness or small business who has no spare financial assets and lacks the skilled staff resources?
This is where content marketing and an effort to give back to customers can pay off dividends.
‘Gift’ is a website set-up by business energy supplier, Opus Energy. As the majority of Opus Energy’s customers are small and medium businesses, the Business Boost report was conducted to find out just what would help them get on with their jobs and get back to business. When it was revealed that they really just needed a boost to fulfil their ambitions, Gift was the answer.
The site is a business magazine that provides a wealth of expert features, how-tos and tips on best business practice in a wide range of fields. Some of the advice comes from Opus Energy’s own in-house team, while some of it comes from guest posters who are keen to lend their expertise to help out an entrepreneur or two.
Want to get some Marketing exposure, but no experienced Marketing Manager to tell you how it’s done? Check out the guide to writing a press release and getting free media coverage.
Business is booming and you’re taking on more staff, but you’ve suddenly realised that you need to make sure your health and safety checks out? Time to find out the three golden rules to make sure your Facilities department is ship-shape.
With this one-stop shop available with need-to-know advice, small business employees can gain skills in specific departments from the people who really know how it’s done. And as it’s updated several times a week, including topical news round-ups from the week, there’s always something for business owners to learn, research or discover. Keep an eye out by clicking here.


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