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The Global Coaching Support Group (“Global Group“) launched on 1 May 2015 with the vision of creating an international network and a supportive environment for coaches, students, human resources professionals and anyone interested in personal development from around the world.  The Global Group is an extension of the Noble Manhattan Coaching Support Groups and on the day of the launch, the Global Group had members in 19 countries around the globe.
The Global Group will host a monthly webinar and the subjects will alternate between personal development, coaching tips and tools and the business of coaching.  Each month, there will be an international guest speaker and for the launch webinar on 20 May 2015, Jessica McGregor Johnson2 will be joining us to discuss “Purpose – What is it? How do you find it?
Once a quarter there will be an international city meeting and the first will take place in Paris on Tuesday 16 June 2015.  The theme of the event is “A Passionate Life” and join us for an inspiring event with our international speakers and trainers, Positive Jessica3 and Karin Lubin4.  There will also be the opportunity to attend a complimentary Discover your Passions workshop with certified Passion Test5 Facilitators and members of the Global Coaching Support Group from Belgium, France and England6.
As a SPECIAL LAUNCH EVENT, we are inviting you to attend the international city meeting on 16 June 2015 even if you are not yet a Global Group member.  To register your interest, contact Sharon Smith (details below). 
There are no joining or membership fees and membership of the Global Group runs for 12 months from 1 May 2015.  To join the Global Group or enquire about attending or sponsoring an international city meeting, please contact the President, Sharon Smith at

  1. Noble Manhattan is Europe’s leading coaching company and amongst the top 4 global coaching companies.  Founded in 1993, NMC Ltd is the longest established coach training company in the world outside the USA.  It offers a wide range of coaching and business courses, many of which are accredited by the ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) and the IIC&M (International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring) and Danubius University.  Currently the company trades in 27 countries around the world and has trained in excess of 20,000 professional life coaches and executive coaches worldwide.
  2. Jessica McGregor Johnson offers life guidance and mentoring to people who are at a crossroads in their life.  She works internationally with people individually as well as running individual retreats in Spain and she is the author of “The Right T-Shirt, Write Your Own Rules and Live the Life You Want”.
  3. Positive Jessica is an international transformational speaker, trainer, web-marketer and national director of the Passion Test programs.  Her mission is “To Inspire Positive Transformation in Millions of Lives Internationally”
  4. Karin Lubin, EdD is a professional trainer, organizational development consultant/coach and speaker.  Her message is about inspiring people to do inspired work in the world.  Karin is Global Director of The Passion Test Certification programs and Master Trainer, working with a team that includes NY Times best-selling authors Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood of The Passion Test book and Your Hidden Riches book.
  5. The Passion Test is a simple, powerful process to discover your passions and align your life with what matters most to you.
  6. The TEAM includes Elizabeth Shaw, Gilberte Jay, Gilberte Pagnot, Jean-David Carlus, Una Panting and Veronique Scheldeman.


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