How Hiring a Professional Copywriter Could Ultimately Save Your Business

The benefits of hiring a professional copywriter should be every bit as obvious to you as the benefits of hiring a professional electrician when you need to rewire your home. Unfortunately, a lot of people get it wrong.
A lot of people think, ‘Why should I pay good money to someone to write for me when I’ve been writing for myself since I was two years old?’
This is because a lot of people confuse knowing how to write with knowing how to spell. The fact is, there’s a whole world of difference between simply writing and writing professional copy, just as there’s a whole world of difference between making noises with your mouth and singing like Frank Sinatra. A lot of people fail to realise this.
Of course, a lot of people’s websites are completely ineffective. Same goes for their newsletters, their brochures, their press releases and any other copy they’ve decided to skimp on. Naturally, as a direct consequence of this, a lot of people’s businesses are going out of business.
Don’t be like a lot of people.
5 Reasons why you should Definitely Hire a Professional Copywriter…

  1. You can’t write. This is nothing to be ashamed of. Just as most people can’t plaster a ceiling without making a god-awful mess, similarly, most people can’t write professional copy. Hopefully, what separates you from those poor unfortunates with no self-awareness and terrible, embarrassing copy, is that you have the intelligence to play to your strengths. You know what you’re good at and you concentrate on that. For the things that you can’t do, you hire somebody who can.
  2. You don’t have the time. Writing well – especially if it’s not your primary skill – takes some time. This is because writing well is not just writing. It’s also researching, structuring and – most importantly – rewriting. If you’re the one businessperson in the world with time to burn, then be our guest. Hone that copy. If, on the other hand, you regularly find yourself wishing there were just a few more hours in the day, then do the sensible thing and hire a pro.
  3. You’re too close. There’s a lot to be said for having a fresh pair of eyes on your business and business objectives. When you’ve been working on something solidly for a long time, there is a tendency to lose the trees in the forest. There’s also a tendency to get bogged down in details that you find fascinating but which are actually of no interest to potential customers. A professional copywriter restores objectivity, hones in on what makes you special and communicates it clearly.
  4. You need expertise. Different types of writing require different skills. Even if you consider yourself a competent writer, you may not have the experience or the know-how to produce persuasive press releases, white papers, SEO copy or advertorial. Therefore you need someone who can bring the copywriter’s arsenal of strategies – captivating headlines and bullets points, alluring benefits and irresistible calls to action – to whichever specific kinds of copy you need to build your business.
  5. You can’t afford to make mistakes. There will be, on occasions, times when the stakes are high and you absolutely need to make exactly the right impression. It could be that you’re about to launch a new product, a new website or a new marketing campaign, or it could simply be the latest incarnation of the most important project you’ve ever been involved with. If you want to eliminate the fear of making mistakes and make absolutely sure your copy is pristine and as effective as it can be, then do the right thing. Hire a professional copywriter.

One final point to remember is that a truly great copywriter actually loves writing copy, and that love of words always shines through. There are a million bad-to-mediocre copywriters out there and frankly, you can spot them a mile off. Their lack of passion for the language they’re using rises up out of their words like a bad smell.
So for copy that doesn’t smell bad – for copy that’s clear and concise, creative and compelling, persuasive, polished and ultimately irresistible, you should contact Emma, our recommended copywriter, via her website or emailing her directly at


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