IIC&M Accreditation Compliance Officer (and Deputy)

Vacancy: Professional Appointment
Consultant for Accreditation and Compliance
The IIC&M is a not for profit organisation and the remuneration is through a Profit-Sharing scheme, which allows each person involved in the IIC&M to benefit for their involvement and commitment to the role they accept.
1 January 2015
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This role is a part-time role (no more than 4 – 8 hours per week) which would suit a consummate professional who wishes to put back into Industry their own knowledge and lessons learned, with a keen interest in driving up the standard of professionalism in the Coaching and Mentoring Industries for the benefit of these industries and the buying public.
The IIC&M (originally the ECI) was formed in 1999 as a not-for-profit organisation to be a force for good in coaching.  It was founded by and continues to be run by professional coaches.  In 2013 a group of concerned professional mentors joined the IIC&M to include mentors and the mentoring industry.  The IIC&M is an internationally-focused organisation; building, maintaining, raising awareness, and working to promote best practices, while providing value added benefits to its Members.  The IIC&M is an organisation which has at it very core, the purpose to present to the public honest, and unbiased facts upon which anyone, whether individual or corporation can use in order to check on the details of a Coach, Mentor, or Training Course/Workshop they may wish to engage.
The IIC&M has a database of Coaches, Mentors, and Training Courses/Workshops world-wide which is available as a FREE search to anyone.
There is no doubt that properly rendered Coaching and Mentoring services is of huge value, and the IIC&M is keen to promote properly and professionally delivered services.
The IIC&M facilitates access to quality accreditation for Coaches, Mentors, and to Clients; contributes to the quality of accreditation and ensures that availability of a high standard of Coach or Mentor Training. Quality control of Coaching, Mentoring and Coach or Mentor Training is a key element in this process. It was decided to effect this by forming an accreditation body catering specifically for the Coaching and Mentoring Industry, using the expertise of qualified and experienced Coaches and Mentors active in their fields.
This role suits a professional coach or mentor conversant with the design and monitoring of modern accreditation and compliance requirements and procedures. It is envisaged that this position may ultimately lead to a board position.
It is expected that the Consultant for Accreditation and Compliance would work very closely with the respective Directors, Intl. Heads of Accreditation, and Intl. Head of Standards and Ethics in understanding the current requirements for coaches, mentors, and training courses/workshops while formulating plans for the future of compliance.
A good working knowledge of Coaching and Mentoring is preferable although not essential.  A good understanding of Standards, Ethics, and Consumer Protection issues is essential.
To apply contact the HR Department – HR@IICandM.org – with a copy of your CV and a brief outline of your expectations of this role.


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