Intellectual Humility

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I was prompted to post this by Benjamin Wunsch-Grafton M.A.

The old saying, “a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing” is actually quite true

The Dunning Kruger effect has been around for centuries and we all fall into the trap; the current Codiv19 crisis is an excellent example

“I’ve read the article”, I’ve listened to the video on YouTube”, “I watched the interview with the professor”, etc. therefore I have understood

It’s only if you push yourself to dig deeper that you realise that it’s not that black & white

If you push yourself even further you may well come to the conclusion that it’s not at all as obvious as it might seem

If you push yourself even further you may realise that to have a real opinion you need to understand biology, endocrinology and bacteriology

It’s at this point, if you get that far, that you realise that it’s actually more difficult to understand than you thought

There is a concept floating around called “intellectual humility”, which, put simply means, “recognising that the things you believe in might in fact be wrong”

Intellectual humility doesn’t require a high IQ or a particular skill set. It does, however, require making a habit of thinking about your limits, which can be painful

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