Just The Tips: Short Musings On Living (Dangerously) Well



These are a short, bullet-form compilation of some of my popular Quoraanswers on living well, which got 1.5M views in 30 days:

  • Ignore the news. Why? Read the paper from 6 months ago. How much of it matters? None of it. It’s 0% signal, 100% noise.
  • Go hungry. Fast for 24 hours once a week. Do sprints without eating. Stronger mind. Longer life. Sexier body. (You can thank me later)
  • Drop the insecurities. No, nobody is staring at your ass at the gym. Except me.
  • Skip college. Save the $100k+. Study with real masters instead. Make things from day one. Fail a lot. Learn. Grow. Get out of the cage.
  • Ditch beauty products. What? 50 kinds weren’t enough? Sorry, my mistake. Maybe you’ll be happy after 50 more.
  • Take risks. Real risk-taking isn’t about the big gamble. It’s about asymmetries: risk 10% to get 1000%. Most people don’t see the world this way. Make sure you do.
  • Invest in yourself. Lose the big screen TV. Ditch the retirement fund too. Invest in YOU. I’ve spent thousands to learn from my heroes. It was worth every penny.
  • Travel. Yes, buy a one-way ticket. No, pre-packaged tours do not count.
  • Pause for gratitude. Call a friend and say thank you. Feel the wind on your skin. You have what you have. That’s pretty good.
  • Fire your customers. Build something amazing. Find your 1000 True Fans. Then say no to the rest. They’re not good enough.
  • Don’t live someone else’s life. You aren’t your parents. You aren’t your teachers. You are…you.
  • Love haters. Every time I get hate mail, I do a little happy dance. Why? It means I’m doing great work. If you aren’t pissing people off, you aren’t doing anything important.
  • Read (really) old books. Old books survive for a reason. They’re really, really good. Read those. Life is short.
  • Fail more. Why do 99% of people fail? Because they aren’t failing enough.Success is born from repeated failure… Get out there and start rolling the dice.
  • Meditate. No lotus pose necessary. Sitting, lying, walking, squatting — it doesn’t matter. Just breathe.
  • Delete your ‘friends’. You are the 5 people you spend the most time with. Don’t keep the ‘friends’ around. Keep the FRIENDS around.
  • Celebrate fear. Stress and challenge are growth. Dive in face-first, take the hit, and grow.
  • Know biochemistry. Do you know how food affects cognition? Drugs? Meditation? Educate yourself. Build a better engine.
  • Don’t be average. The average is fat, depressed and addicted to drugs (yes, sugar counts too). Make the same decisions as them, and… you become them. Don’t do that. Always think for yourself.
  • Avoid cheesecake. Lots of things taste good. Some of them won’t kill you.
  • Eat cheesecake. Okay, it’s okay if it kills you.
  • No regrets. Extract the lessons and move on. The only way to lose is to stop moving.
  • Laugh at ‘experts’. Pssst. They don’t know what they’re talking about either.
  • Simplify. It takes less than you think to get what you want. But nobody wants to believe it.
  • Not ‘passion’. OBSESSION. Yoga classes 3 times a week? Hah, get out of here. Do you see it in your dreams? No? Go home, kids.

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