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I’ve found that being creative requires solitude, introspection, and deep imaginative thought. It requires thinking as an individual and outside of the box, temporarily ignoring social norms, conventions, and the way that things typically work. This un-orthodox way of thinking isn’t the most popular way to relate to others or fit in but it is the best way to reach new breakthrough’s. Being dissatisfied and annoyed with the status quo is in-fact one of the most effective ways at being creative and productive because it’s coming from a place of dis-content, which leads to action. The paradox is, it’s also in a very real way self sacrificial because you become secluded from the way that the vast majority of people think and behave. The old saying “it’s lonely at the top” stems from this way of operating more so than being “ruthless” as is conveyed in movies, for entertainment purposes.

The question is, can one be in a perpetual state of creativity and productivity and still live a fun, exciting life? I’d say yes, but not fun and exciting in the way that 98% of the western world would define it. The true masters of industry that have pushed the needle forward such as Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Phil Knight have done so with a single minded focus on their objective/goals and un-relentless work ethic. The price they’ve paid has been a life-time of problem solving, creative thinking, and what I’d imagine to be very little “conventional fun” and I’d define “conventional fun” as having fun for the sake of fun.

So with this information in mind, it becomes clear that anyone of reasonable intelligence (at least 100–120 IQ) has a relatively good chance at becoming massively successful if they are willing to sacrifice their lives in pursuit of their goals/dreams. However, do not underestimate this statement because it doesn’t just mean work hard 9–5 and then do whatever you’d like for the rest of the day, it means working relentlessly in pursuit of your goals, 24/7. This means, saying no to friends, saying no to family on occasion, and saying no to conventional fun. Everyone wants to be successful but how many people are willing to pay the price?

To the super ambitious — my only solution is to make work your play, and have fun everyday.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this mode of thinking, if it is flawed and how you operate while striving to achieve your goals/objectives.

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