Market and Improve your Business with Noble Media!

As I’m sure you’ve probably gathered by this point, Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd. has a number of strings to its’ bow – coach training, an online magazine, a radio station, an online directory, peer-to-peer networking groups, and so on. As it can be pretty hard to keep up to date with the latest news and offers from each division, we have taken the decision to place all of our eggs in one basket (so to speak!).
I am proud to announce the launch of Noble Media – The Coaches’ trusted media solutions.
Noble Media is a one-stop shop of all things marketing and improvement. It is here to help all coaches (both aspiring and practicing), personal development specialists, business owners/managers and everyone involved in the personal and professional growth sector enhance their practices.
We offer two solutions; ‘Market’ and ‘Improve’. If you are looking to market yourself or your business, we have a number of media outlets that may suit your needs. If you are looking to improve yourself or your business, we have teamed up with two of the most successful training, and peer-to-peer networking groups in the world.
To find out more about Noble Media, or to receive a copy of our professional media kit which includes an outline of each division and what product(s) they offer, head to and simply fill out the form and someone will be in touch with a copy of the media kit.
We look forward to helping you and your business reach its true potential!
Warmest regards,
Laura Pauffley
Managing Director


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