Misconceptions Related To Your Business's Instagram Account

Here at the Coaching Blog- one of the world’s leading blogs on the subject of Leadership and Coaching we quite often post articles by leading authors and authorities- today we are delighted to post an article from Nancy Grace and infographic from iDigic.
Growing at an exponential rate for the past few years, Instagram has risen to become one of the major stars of social media. The focus it provides on photos and the sense of closeness displays new methods on how to use visual marketing. The biggest advantage of using Instagram is, it provides a great opportunity to brands for diversifying its content and as a major means of broadening their online reach.
However, there are many people who assume that Instagram has got limitations and refuse to use it for their brand. Ultimately, they miss on getting one hundred million strong user bases with whom they can potentially engage with.
Major Misconceptions Business Have About Instagram

  • Works For Visual Products

Some people believe that Instagram works for those businesses who sell products. The below given data clearly states on how much beneficial Instagram is for business irrespective of whether it is a small or large business
Many individuals assume that selling unsexy products or being a service provider means one cannot share photos. This is wrong and rather it has to be taken as an incentive to be more creative. As such if firms cannot show their products, they can still post photos depicting their culture, employee goodwill, and celebrations.
Just imagine how much interesting it would be to see the photos of youremployees and their work culture. This ranks well on the Instagram and has got various advantages for the firm. Not only it helps in attracting more job applicants but it instills a sense of trust in potential customers. The same can be said about employees who care about their community. Such people are appreciated among other Instagrammers.

  • Suitable For Big Brands

Some people believe that brands which have significant marketing budget can leverage Instagram. Well, this is not true. There are many online shops who being reasonable small do a great job with Instagram, and that too, on a tight budget. Furthermore, these firms get featured on Instagram’s blog and this can be a huge coverage for them.

  • Suitable For Posting Photos    

This is common among top brands and there are certain brands that simply use Instagram for pushing content. Unfortunately, a key ingredient is missing in the Instagram advantage when compared to other networks. It is enabling brands to leverage the UGC (User Generated Content) through photo contest and special campaigns.
For this you need to create a brand-specific hashtag for the contest, so that you get suitable likes and followers. Nowadays, you can become popular through the traditional method of posting photos  or using the services of websites like iDigic.
Instagram photo contest are worth the effort and time as they provide incentives to users for sharing better content and allowing brands to reuse them.

  • Difficult To Measure Results

Tracking and monitoring social media activity has become standard. As there are no built-in insight tools for Instagram, certain people assume that they have to perform the task manually. Basically, this belief is obsolete, as you can use the analytic platforms for measuring the results. It is important to understand that for the success of a brand on Instagram, it must track its own account’s metrics and of the community too.
Wrapping It Up
Instagram provides a powerful platform for businesses and marketers. But there is a common misconception that if you do not have a physical product to sell, then this network is not applicable. Although, Instagram is a great tool to directly market your product, still the true power of it lies in its ability to connect with users. So, business must use Instagram to market their products and services and increase their brand value.


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