Noble Manhattan-Nothing in Life costs more than a missed Opportunity

Good morning from a very cold Weymouth, I was always under the impression that Weymouth was a tropical hideaway in the south of England, but not today- it is -2 degrees.
Well what a year it has been for Noble Manhattan, I would almost say one of our best, many of our divisions are now very, very successfully helping a huge number of students, business people and entrepreneurs become even more successful.
Especial The Alpha Group, this year has seen incredible growth throughout the world, with many new cities and countries now on our map, even as far away as Nigeria.
I don’t know why this has started to grow so fast but I do know that all our Regional Directors share something in common, that is a hunger, a desire to grow, learn, and be, do and have more in their lives. Not only for themselves but for the business community  which they serve.
We are the fastest growing Peer to Peer Executive group in the world,
Mainly because of the people we have in the organisation, but we will not be stopping there, this is just the start, When I speak with some of the Directors, I see and feel the passion of what they are achieving, and the success they desire.
It is a tough world out there and we are starting to make it a bit easier for many Companies, and economies. That makes them feel proud to be part of that.
Needless to say, people don’t say that kind of thing, unsolicited, unless it’s the truth of their experience. And that’s why the smartest decision you’ll make in a very, very long time will be to join this one-of-a-kind entrepreneurial community, because I can assure you, you’re at a major disadvantage being on the outside.
As this year draws to a close we still have one more group of Regional Director to train, motivate and inspire to do great things, this takes place in Crewe in the UK on the 7th of December and will last for 5 days. We still have 2 places available here if you feel this is your time, your time  to make a difference in your community. So as part of the “Black Friday offering” I am willing to cover a large percent of the cost of training you and your license if you make the effort to commit to The Alpha Group now.
Next year I have a strong desire to help even more Businesses around the world and to do that, I need more incredible people to become Regional Directors. Are you one of them?
If you have not listened  to the  special recording of the Alpha Group Business opportunity then please email Colin Lindsay who is the International Managing Director quoting “Black Friday offer” He will send you a copy for you to listen to immediately.
Take Action now!!
May I wish you all a fantastic, healthy and successful 2017
“Nothing in Life costs more than a missed Opportunity”
Gerard O’Donovan

  Gerard O’Donovan

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