We Do Not Have All The Time In The World



Do👏 what👏 you👏 want👏 now👏

You know that time you always thought you’d set aside for your dreams and your business and your family?

It’s running out.

The time we always thought we had to start “the list” is running out.

We keep saying that we’ll do it tomorrow, but there’s only so many tomorrows left.

It’s because we weren’t built to last. None of us were. We were built to survive. And we can only survive for so long.

You’ve got to start today because the meter’s running and none of us know how much time we’ve got left to pay it with.

The best time to start your business was yesterday. The second best time is today. The same goes for that career change you’ve been talking about. That book you want to write. That product you want to build. That piece of software that could change your life and the world.

You do not have an infinite bank account full of seconds, minutes and hours that can always be spent on this stuff later. So spend it now. Spend it while you can. Build. Make. Try. Sweat. Bleed if you have to. But do it now.

I remember when I was younger, it made sense to me to put off my dreams until the time is right. Unfortunately, the time never really did feel right. With every passing year it just feels more and more urgent, necessary and inescapably important.

I don’t think we can always delay what our hearts are telling us is imperative. I’ve met people who did. They weren’t happy. You make hay while the sun shines. That’s all I can tell you.

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Jon Westenberg

I’m Jon Westenberg. I’m an entrepreneur, a law school drop out, and a passionate creative. life is about getting up when you fall down. www.jonwestenberg.com

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