Off to Bucharest on Monday- To Run- another five-day training for new ALPHA Group regional directors

Well we are ready!!
On Wednesday Colin Lindsay  and I are starting our 2017 campaign! What you may well ask is that? We want to help 500 new businesses to grow and develop this year.
How will we do that? Well we will attract some great people to become Regional Directors, who understand what we do, they will then go out and actually do something about it, by working with the business leaders in their own towns and cities. Implementing the incredible trademarked Alpha Group System.
We will put them on the road to create a thing that most people want,  but almost no one will achieve, LEVERAGED INCOME, we will stop them having to fight each and every month to earn enough to get through the month until the next payday.
And we will do it by being a force for good- a force that helps businesses build grow and develop and in turn help their local communities.
To all those of you that we have already helped Colin and I want to say huge thank you.
So next week in Bucharest we will have 8 new RD’s and in February in the UK we will have 10 more and in March  in Sofia – Bulgaria 20 more, without great people we will not achieve our  2017 Goals.


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