This is your opportunity to get a front row seat and be a part of a webinar that will change your life!

I know that sounds like a bold statement but bold statements are something that The Alpha Group are all about and we back those statements up with truly profound webinars from experts within the group. This webinar is your golden ticket to unrestricted access of our exclusive network aimed at giving you the insight into how we are changing the face of business and how we enable our Regional Directors to achieve greatness.
Have you ever wanted more from your life? Have you ever wanted to be a part of a global team with a proven track record of delivering stellar financial results? Are you keen to make that next step in your own career and be a part of something bigger than yourself?
If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then I invite you to take part in this rare opportunity to make that change and learn how to be that change within The Alpha Group.
What’s in it for you? – besides the opportunity to reap the benefits of years of experience from business leaders and form your own business success story?
All our Regional Directors share the same level of resources and dedicated training to unlock their full potential and achieve successes never thought possible.

  • The opportunity to join a business, as a Regional Director, which is experiencing phenomenal organic growth across the world.
  • Unparalleled support and guidance to form and train your own team and share in exceptional annual income.
  • The ability to retain freedom and flexibility while creating YOUR business on your own terms.
  • Instant access to a worldwide network of highly trained coaches who are focused on one thing and one thing only – Your success!

This once in lifetime opportunity is for the taking but before we go any further, we must be positive that you as a Regional Director will uphold our integrity and lend consistency throughout the group. If you answer yes to the following questions, then we can start our journey together and as a cohesive unit, change the landscape of business.
Do you hunger for success beyond financial gain?
Can you command a room with authority and grace?
Have you reached a plateau in your current position and want to get involved in something bigger than yourself?
Do you have a track record in working with and developing others?
If yes is the answer and you are ready to be a part of the incredible results we are achieving, then don’t waste any time and register your seat now.
Gerard O’Donovan, the CEO of Noble Manhattan Group (parent company to The Alpha Group) will be hosting a very special one off webinar on Monday the 28th of November at 12:00 GMT. He take you through the whole information process explaining in every detail the opportunity to join the fastest growing Peer to Peer Group organisation in the world. You must register early to be guaranteed a place for the webinar.
You must email  to receive the special link to this webinar. Number will be limited so please do not hesitate, we hate to disappoint. We will record this so if you cannot make it please let me know and I will send you the link after the event.
I am truly excited to be embarking on this journey of discovery and outstanding results for you and your business.
I can’t wait to see you there.
Sincerely Yours,
Colin Lindsay
Managing Director
The Alpha Group Worldwide
M: +44 779 597 6292


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