PR: Helping businesses to break through worldwide


Issued February 27, 2015

Helping businesses to break through worldwide
First Group to launch in Barcelona Spain

Well what a great start to 2015, in the last 8 weeks we have tripled the amount of members we have worldwide and we will see this trend continue throughout the year.
We have seen this month Groups starting in Barcelona, Amsterdam, , Ljubljana and Bucharest. On March  19th we will be bringing together
a further team of Regional Directors from Norway, Panama, Spain, Uk and Serbia. We are experiencing tremendous worldwide growth.
Would you now like to be a part of this? Join us in 2015 and enjoy the success train………..
The Alpha Group is about assisting members master their sector and also to tremendously improve their business value in two to three years
The Alpha Group isn’t for the inexperienced, you should be seriously interested in encouraging members to grow their business enterprise.
Every month you will meet with your group members and help them to overcome the challenges and barriers that are stopping them from moving their business forward.
Each meeting begins with a higher impact 90 minute Fast Growth workshop that you’ll deliver, that would motivate your people to thrive, grow and make changes in how they do business.
Then collectively, as a group of peers, you work on assisting to increasing each other’s businesses value by looking at individual challenges in a organized facilitated way and fix critical business issues.
Then hold each other accountable for the action. Overtime your associates will become a personal Board of Advisors for your members as well as friends.
Productive Alpha Group Regional Directors will:
• Be certified, knowledgeable and highly motivated professionals with in the Coaching, Mentoring or Training world
Alternatively have a number of years working as a business consultant working in the SME market.
• Commit to, and be held accountable for aiding to achieving transformational change for the members
• Adhere to the greatest standards of professionalism (there aren’t any short cuts here)
• Share your knowledge, experience, thoughts and intelligence with your members
• Have the interest to earn a considerable ongoing income by building productive Alpha Groups
• Have the ability to build a substantial Coaching client base
We are accepting applications for Regional Directors who are serious about assisting and motivating members to transform their business significantly over a period of 2/3 years.
To determine if your city remains to be readily available please call or e-mail Colin for a brief non-committal discussion
For additional information and to discover how The Alpha Group could possibly work for you, contact:
Colin Lindsay Managing Director
The Alpha Group Worldwide
M: 07795976292
Kind Regards


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