Chatham, UK – On 9 November 2015,
The IIC&M launches Global Mentoring Week, in celebration of the leaders that bring ideas to life, and expand human potential.
During the Global Mentoring Week in November, the IIC&M will inspire mentors to get involved through local, national and global activities designed to educate, empower, collaborate and engage and introducing a wider network to new possibilities and exciting opportunities.
This is the first week of it’s kind, and one that the IIC&M believes will grow from strength to strength in the coming years.
Throughout the Global Mentoring Week the IIC&M will publish white papers, webinars from industry leaders, surveys, video footage that will be delivered free of charge and are accessible to everyone interested in mentoring.
The IIC&M has identified over 2,500 categories of mentoring, where mentors help individuals grow and accelerate in all areas of their business, hobbies, careers and life. The site is open to all those exploring mentorship, becoming a mentor, working with a mentor or are currently working as a mentor on a formal or informal basis.
IIC&M President Liz Harwood states: “The IIC&M was founded 16 years ago, and has steadily grown her coaching community over the years, introducing mentoring accreditation 2 years ago. We have however never before connected with the global mentoring community on such a large scale. I am really excited about this opportunity to connect and build a solid foundation for future collaboration and growth.”
About the IIC&M The International Institute for Coaching & Mentoring (IIC&M) is the preferred Accreditation Body for Coaches, Mentors, Training Providers and
Clients. Their vision is to create excellence in the coaching and mentoring professions and their mission is to be the thought leader in the industry by continuing to raise the professionalism of coaching and mentoring globally, and providing a platform to connect for everyone working as or with coaches and mentors.
The IIC&M offer client support through their coaching and mentoring directory to identify the best mentors and coaches to work with. Creating excellence in the coaching and mentoring profession, sees the IIC&M validating coaches, mentors, training courses, workshops, and also in-­‐house coaching and mentoring programmes through their accreditation processes.
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