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Presenter: Terry Malloy

The human mind has an inherent unfulfilled need for information and interaction.

To satisfy that thirst there was first the spoken word and then the written word. Then in 1450 came the birth of the printed word which allowed books, newspapers, flyers and pamphlets to spread information like wild fire. In 1837 saw the first commercial telegraph with the telephone following in 1876. All accelerating the speed and ease by which information could be shared over further and further distance.

The early 20th Century brought radio and movies to life which has ultimately led to a new evolution of communication media – video.

But video is for more than just entertainment….. its a powerful MASS communication tool that has become a critical component in both business and politics across the world.

Right now we are at a defining stage, a critical stage in our communication evolution. We are at a stage, every bit as enormous as any of the steps I have mentioned above.  We are in the age of video and make no mistake about what that means to you because those of you that fail to master the use of video will be as unheard of and as unnoticed as the silent movie stars of the 1920s who were trying to compete with the stars of the new “talking pictures”.

However, the first part of mastering video is to avoid the BIG mistake most people make when they get involved with video.

You see video is simply a TOOL……… but it’s NOT a Swiss Army knife either…… and therefore no matter what some “Experts” might tell you or imply….it can’t do everything. Simply put it’s great at some things but dreadful at others

As someone who has been involved in the world of video since before YouTube was born I know what video can do for your business……… IF it’s done correctly……..

But I also know Business Owners don’t lie awake at night thinking, “If only I had a video all my problems would go away!” No, video has to solve a problem AND the number one problem most businesses have is “How to find more clients”

In this webinar you will learn:

• How to use video to genuinely connect your prospects

• How to increase the effectiveness of your ON and OFFLINE Networking

• How to standout from the crowd in a world full of marketing hype

• How to create a script

• How to deliver you message to camera with clarity and confidence

• How to get started – what basic equipment you’ll need

If you want to increase your results in 2015, you need to learn HOW to make videos, and HOW to strategically use them in your marketing.

 In this webinar I’m going to show you EXACTLY that.


Terry has extensive business experience gained from more than 20 years working in commercial Banking along with 14 years of Business Coaching.

Having worked with leading names in the self help and personal development field such as Neale Donald Walsh, Michael Neill, Doreen Virtue, Steven Pressfield, Mark Bryan, Pete Cohen and more than 400 other coaches, speakers and trainers since 2002 he has considerable insight and experience into what is required to be heard in a world full of marketing hype when using video.

In 2008 he created Britain’s Next Top Coach the first video based internet competition designed for people working in the self help and personal development field to showcase their skill, talent and expertise. The competition was seen in more than 92 countries and by more than 45,000 people.

Since then he has worked with the winner of the competition, Christian Pankhurst, to help him create a global online coaching business that generates more than $1m a year.

Using a blend of ON and Offline marketing strategies he is passionate about helping people to improve the quality of not only their own life but also the world at large.

In a nutshell Terry specialises in helping people to understand exactly what they do (most people don’t even know that) and what makes them unique so that they can stand out from the crowd, get noticed and generate more income.


16th April, 2015
4pm UK time


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16th April, 2015
4pm UK time
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