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Good morning everyone

I’m sharing this press release below which announces a partnership deal between-

The Alpha Group- and- Elite  Businesswomen—

Elite Businesswomen- are a worldwide organisation run by Bianca Tudor- working exclusively with women business owners-

it fits perfectly with the Alpha Group’s  vision and mission to help SME owners double the value of their business



There’s no doubt that the pandemic has added to small business challenges around the world, regardless of size, location, or funding.

Top 4 challenges:

  1. SMEs were forced to shut down in the last three months – as the studies indicate the situation is particularly bad for personal business (52% of which report shutting down), hotels, cafes, and restaurants (43%) and services like wellness, grooming, fitness, or other professional services (41%).
  2. Cashflow – while two-thirds of closed businesses expect to re-open in the future, (including a slightly higher percentage of women than men), among the one-third who did not, 34% said it will be because they can’t pay their bills or their rent.
  3. Technology downsize – businesses report that a majority of interactions between clients and customers or employees and workers need to be conducted in the same physical location, meaning that these businesses can’t simply “go online.”
  4. Work-life imbalance while working from home – When asked how their household responsibilities affected their ability to focus on work, owners and managers reported that it affected them “a great deal” or “a lot” at a higher rate (29%) than employees generally (26%).

Leaders are navigating a broad range of interrelated issues that span from keeping their employees and customer safe, shoring-up cash and liquidity, reorienting operations and navigating complicated government support programs.

But at The Alpha Group we always see the glass half full.

Each challenge is an opportunity in disguise – and it’s YOUR role, as a leader, to spot it! And now, YOU have the support and the combined experience and knowledge of two international organziations, The Alpha Group and Elite Business Women!

You are not alone!

We are in this together and together we’ll find the best solutions to surf over the pandemics with positive impact for both your business and for your community.

  • Do you need fresh perspectives on your business?
  • Are you looking for new business opportunities?
  • Do you need support in developing effective strategies for better professional and business performance?


The Alpha Group and Elite Business Women partnership has the answer for you

TAG-EBW partnership is a powerful combination. EBW’s mission to create a global generation of financially independent #Elite women who choose to live healthily and make a difference in their community is uniquely complimentary to TAG’s mission to help SMEs worldwide grow and thrive through exclusive executive peer-to-peer service.

As a member of both The Alpha Group and Elite Business Women, you will:

  • Get personal advice from a team of qualified, like minded individuals, ensuring that your business has a variety of opinions
  • Have a chance to brainstorm strategies that have the potential to increase turnover.
  • Get the opportunity to focus on strategy and key business growth rather than day-to-day tasks
  • Achieve appropriate financial rewards and freedom, a work-life balance that makes sense.
  • View, search and connect to Elite Members
  • Access Business Opportunities
  • Access to Exclusive Members’ Offers
  • Opportunity to promote your products/services

And of course, these are just a few of the TOP Benefits coming out of this powerful partnership!

If you are struggling to make ends meet with your business – don’t wait until it is to late! TOGETHER we are stronger, smarter and more driven than ever!


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