[fusion_text]How an all night-out alumni party changed my life?
After 13 years, I met one of my ex-colleagues in July last year in an alumni meet. Back in 2000, we both were working as IT service engineers in a small company in Bangalore. Today, my ex-colleague is one of the Senior VPs of a large investment bank in the US. I was amased to see his growth and when I was very inquisitive about it, he unfolded his story and introduced me to the amazing world of professional coaching.
He attributed much of his success to the Leadership & Life coach he hired 2 years ago. That coach turned around his life completely. Although my request for the contact details of that coach was turned down due to a contract between them, he encouraged me to hire a coach for myself. I found a lot of coaches listed on the ICF website and I reached out to few of them. Unfortunately, I could not find a personal synergy with any of them and the whole experience was not very good. I continued my search on few other sites which list coach profiles, but there too the experience was not pleasant.
This urged me to ponder. Wouldn’t there be many like me who are looking for a coach, but find it hard to get a suitable one? I started talking to a lot more coaches and some of their clients subsequently. The insights were interesting.
For a person looking for a coach, there is not a place where he/she can conveniently find & talk to a suitable coach matching up with the goals and personality. The search seems to be indefinite. The second problem is the expectation vs. delivery mismatch during coaching after signing up with a coach.
Now on the other side, with a coach, over 60% of their time is spent on marketing and business development activities for generating new leads. They are not very happy with this as they would like to do what they are best at, which is coaching people. The other problem faced by these coaches is managing the entire logistics of coaching engagement with their clients. They use multiple tools for scheduling, coaching, interacting, collecting payments, etc. They like to have a better way to manage this as this also consume a lot of their time which is otherwise could have been utilised for coaching more people.
Coatom was born from these insights.
It is the world’s first marketplace for professional coaching such as leadership coaching, executive coaching, business coaching, career coaching, life coaching, etc. It helps people to discover their best-fit coach in their lives and get coached online, irrespective of any geographical barriers of reach.
It solves all of these demand and supply side issues. There are two areas where Coatom caters to. The first one is building the largest online destination to discover the best-fit coach for anyone. And once this discovery process is over through initial free consultations, Coatom provides an end-to-end coaching delivery management platform to smoothen the entire coaching delivery process. In a nutshell, it addresses the current challenges faced by both people looking for a coach and also a coach.
How does Coatom help Coaches
We can help you to take your coaching business to global markets. We promise:

  1. Get qualified leads from across the world for FREE:

Unlike other sites where you have listed your profiles, we do not charge any subscription fees / lead referral commission from you. You pay us only when your clients start paying you.

  1. Enterprise class Live Video Calls for online coaching delivery

Our live video calls offer better quality live video calls compared to Skype, Hangout, etc.

  1. A virtual assistant for your coaching business

We take care of all the logistics involved in your coaching business through Coatom, be it scheduling the calls or payment collection / follow-up.
For more details and to get started, visit:
Credit Source:
Vasudevan Thrikkazhippurath
Founder & CEO of – the world’s first online marketplace for professional & personal coaching.
Vasudevan started Coatom to make people’s lives happy and successful through personal and professional coaching. After interacting with 100’s of coaches and their clients around the world, he realised how coaching can help us in our lives. In his 15 years of professional career, Vasudevan spent last 2 years in a leadership role driving product & marketing strategy for a fastest growing online education start-up based in Bangalore.

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