Strengthening Management Capacity

Being a manager is a difficult and complicated task. Whether you are supervisor over two people or two hundred people, you have multiple personalities to deal with on a daily basis. You have many moving pieces that you have to keep track of. Even if you are a natural leader, you may need to strengthen your management capacity. Here are five things you can do today to improve your management capacity in any kind of workplace.

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  1. Focus on what motivates people. If you want your employees to be happy and willing to complete the projects and assignments you give them, you have to figure out what motivates them. Motivations are going to vary slightly from person to person. Some work just for the money. Others are naturally hard workers that only need a little praise. Figure out what your people need and make sure they get it. In the case of those who just work for money, keep in mind that many will think they can skate past on bad work and still get paid. You may need to take more drastic actions.


  1. Foster a team environment. People are more likely to work hard if they feel they are part of something bigger and more important than just themselves. The manager can make the workplace feel more like a team setting by providing goals and make sure each employee understands his or her place in the team.


  1. Be a better communicator. Being a set of willing ears is a big part of being management. You need to be willing to listen to what your employees have to say and be excellent at communicating your expectations and needs to your employees. In this aspect of management, practice makes perfect. When in doubt, ask your team if there are ways you could improve your communication.


  1. Become a master of time management. Time management is key when it comes to the workplace; not just your own, but your employees’ as well. This can be improved by figuring out who is good at what task and making sure that projects are delegated to the right people.


  1. Take some time off. If you are feeling overstressed or find yourself snapping at your employees, it’s time to take a break from the daily grind. Being friendly and professional is essential to becoming a better manager.

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