Techniques to Build your Coaching Business

Do you dream of starting your own business? I know the feeling deep inside when you want to design a coaching business. You might say to yourself it is a saturated industry, but I say there is room for everyone, do you believe that? I think so and there are many ways you can create a successful business.

Here at the-Coaching Blog-run by Gerard O’Donovan, our aim is to constantly bring value to those seeking to improve their lives. Therefore we have a policy of publishing articles and materials by guest authors whom we value and appreciate. Today’s guest author is Martha Samson, UK.

The most life assets are your experiences and knowledge. I have seen a lot of people building a business from scratch just by being good at doing something. Saying that in the coaching industry, there are a lot of people earning tons of money without being a qualified coach. I do not recommend that because I think the journey of taking a qualification within an accredited academy will give you the most amazing experience in your life, personal development.

I’ve invested in a personal development diploma, seminars, courses to do what I do today helping women in business. The best thing to do before starting your journey in a coaching business is thinking of What solution you want to solve.

Have to think about your own business, ask

yourself the following question.

What is the overhaul objective of the business you want to create?

Have a strategic planning before you start doing a lot of things. As a business coach, I see many people making this mistake when they are about to start a business. They jump in and start doing something without actually sitting down and looking at what they want to solve, sell or invest in.

Set Yourself to WIN, so now that you know  your main objective to start your  business.  Let’s explore ‘7 Ways to start a coaching business.’

Have a niche

Get clear on your ideal client, knowing who they are will save time to reach the right people and build your audience and business. Sometimes being generic in the beginning is ok but deciding who you want to serve will save you a lot of frustration.

Design packages and programs

To ‘rock-solid’ business, you need to create programs to help your potential clients. There is no better way about talking to potential clients about how you work, and why they should hire you, by offering an opportunity to free sessions, webinars.

Be creative

To grow business, you need to market and advertise what you do. The most effective tools available today to help you to share with your potential clients what you do is social media platforms.

You can create videos, and share on YouTube channel, do Live through Instagram or Facebook, offer free content E-book, Printable to download to marketing your products and services.


It’s a great way to grow your audience when I decided to start my podcast channel ‘Kingdom Entrepreneur Community’ I invested to learn about the podcast and this was the best decision because I got an opportunity to reach out to more people and grow my audience in different countries. The result of starting a podcast allowed me to create a networking group.


Be an entrepreneur can be isolated. Collaboration can open doors to a partnership, affiliation as well an option to work together in a team with other entrepreneurs and companies and at the same growing your business and generates multiple income streams. It is important to the partnership to be in line with the vision and mission of what you want to achieve.

Attending Network Events

This is a powerful and easy way to market your business. The idea is you go to where your target market meets and speak to them. Some events offer an opportunity for you to do an elevator pitch which normally lasts between thirty seconds and two minutes. You will need to go to this type of event, prepared to connect or sell your product or services.

Join a Community

Being part of a community group will provide you with an opportunity to learn, share and connect with other people.  There are two types of communities, online and offline.  If you are active online, you consider joining an online community, there are a lot of groups on Facebook. The online community is great to exchanging and sharing content and marketing your products/services.

My last tip is to start small, there is a season to everything do not try to do everything at once, remember to be consistent and continue developing yourself. Expect some frustrations; invest in your business, have fun helping people and don’t give up.


Marta is a Business/Finance Coach. Marta is a Brazilian entrepreneur based in London.

She is the founder of Kingdom Entrepreneur Community. Kingdom Entrepreneur Community is an online community of female entrepreneurs. We help Christian female entrepreneurs reach their full potential in life, business and leadership

She helps bilingual, female entrepreneurs to build thriving businesses in any marketplace.


Is there formal training to become a coach?


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