Top 10 Tips for Keeping Your Energy Up While Traveling

We expect to get dragged down during a 2 day sortie around the world – getting from New York to Mumbai, for instance. And, we can plan and bring a bento, or snacks and plenty of hydration. But what about for shorter jaunts – a weekend away, on a road trip, or even a drive over to the ballgame to see the Packers? Smart thinking and planning can help you keep up your energy while traveling anywhere in the world, for any amount of time – giving you fuel for the entire trip, avoiding dehydration & bad food choices, and making your travels more enjoyable.
Top 10 tips for keeping your energy up while traveling
Walking the dog on the beach. Photo courtesy of Wandering Freditor

Here are our top 10 tips for keeping your energy up while traveling:

1.    Hydrate. Make sure you have plenty of water on hand. If you’re in a car, pack a cooler with ice packs and reusable water bottles, so that you can refill when you are at a source of clean water. If you’re going to be out doing physical activities, be sure to also pack some energy drinks, like Gatorade.
2.    Snacks. Keep your carryon, bento box, or picnic basket full of healthy snacks. You should focus on a mix of protein and carbs. Pack nuts to munch on, energy bars, and fresh fruit and veggies. Eat every hour or so – just a little – to maintain your energy and keep going. If you’re out and about, pack the energy bars and a banana (and your water, of course) in your backpack.
3.    Get outside. If you’re stuck in hotels, or in airplanes, you’ll be missing fresh air. Whenever you can, hop outside and breathe – and stretch for a bit. Constantly breathing in recycled, indoor air will exhaust you. Play, breathe, be.
Playing outside at Meijer Gardens. Top 10 tips for keeping your energy up while traveling
Playing at Meijer Gardens
4.    Get moving! All those hours in the car, or on an airplane, will make you tired. Get your body moving. Stretch, do jumping jacks, twist your torso to release your back. Swim in the hotel pool (or pull over at a beach). If you’re traveling with kids, make sure they get move every hour or so – and play. It’s worth making your road trip longer to keep them moving and avoid an embolism.
Whitewater rafting, Oregon. Top 10 tips for keeping your energy up while traveling
Whitewater rafting, Oregon
5.    Sleep. Rest up before your trip (no late night packing). Take naps while you travel. Go to bed early, when you can. A well-rested body will definitely have more energy than a sleep-deprived one.
6.    To caffeinate, or not to caffeinate – that is the question. If you’re a regular coffee person, don’t skip your morning java. It will make you crabby and tired. If you’re not used to caffeine, now might not be a good time to have an espresso. Follow your routine – your body is used to it.
Caffeinate! Top 10 tips for keeping your energy up while traveling
This. Yes.
7.    Build up your stamina. Walk a lot before you travel – so that you won’t be so tired from all the walking WHILE you travel. Plus, you’ll be healthier…always a good thing.
8.    Eat regularly. Don’t skip meals, and make healthy choices when you’re eating. I turn into a bear forced out of hibernation when I get hungry – it’s not a pretty sight. Keep your blood sugar regular, and you (and your traveling companions) will be happier.
Fresh mussels, Scotland. Eat regularly! Top 10 tips for keeping your energy up while traveling
Fresh mussels, Scotland
9.    Take a siesta. Many countries around the world have it right – a siesta, or short break, in the middle of the day makes everything better. Whether you are resting, reading, sleeping, or watching the kids play at a local playground, this time out from travel is invaluable for recuperation and regaining your energy.
Napping in Nanjing
Napping in Nanjing. Photo courtesy of Wandering Freditor
10.    Schedule in free time. There’s nothing more exhausting than an endless supply of to-do and to-see. You know what I mean – a trip packed full of activities, with no downtime or time for serendipity. Allow time to just BE where you are – soaking it all in, resting if you need to, or exploring slowly. You’ll also come home more refreshed, instead of needing a vacation from your vacation!
Robin Hood Tree, Hadrian’s Wall. Take time to discover new things. From Top 10 tips for keeping your energy up while traveling
Robin Hood Tree, Hadrian’s Wall. Photo courtesy of Wandering Freditor
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