Are you an upwardly mobile type of person, if so please read on

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Dear Potential Regional Director,
If you’re wondering why we are doing all we can to push you away from this opportunity, it’s because this message is NOT for the vast majority of Business owners Coaches, Trainers or Business Consultants.
No, this is strictly for a certain kind of business owner. The kind that is willing to make significant investments in time, money and energy to ENSUREthey enjoy a level of business and personal success most business owners aspire to but never reach.
What I’m about to share will be music to the ears of the upwardly mobile people, who understands that highly successful entrepreneurs do things verydifferently to the underachieving masses – and is willing to focus what they do to get similar results.
So whether this is a personal invitation to you or not depends entirely on you…or, to be more precise, your belief systems.
If, like many people, you think outstanding entrepreneurial achievement, financial certainty and independence is exclusive to a select band of people, or that highly successful business owners were born with some kind of “success” gene the rest of us just didn’t get, giving them more talent, potential, entrepreneurial ability or plain old “luck” than everyone else…this is NOT for you.
And if you’re one of the world’s plethora of small thinking “dabblers” or “wannabes” forever looking for the non-existent quick fix and get rich quick promise….this is definitely NOT for you.
But if you’re in the minority who are serious – very serious – about growing a phenomenally profitable business to bring ever -increasing personal income and freedom into your life, and you understand that extraordinary success IS possible for ANY one who is willing to UNLEARN the habitual ways of thinking that keep the overwhelming majority chained to struggle, mediocrity and underachievement…
…AND you’re willing to put time, money and energy into making it happen…then I can categorically promise you…
This is the most important message you’ll EVER read in your entrepreneurial career.
Because you’re about to discover how YOU can benefit from the MOST POWERFUL ENTREPRENEURIAL SUCCESS STRATEGY of all time.
Yes, I know that’s one hell of a claim. And we wouldn’t be making it unless I can do so with a clear conscience. What I’m talking about is time-tested and proven by highly successful entrepreneurs of EVERY generation.
Here’s an undeniable truth about entrepreneurial success you can’t afford to ignore.
If you undertake serious research into the most successful people of any generation – from any walk of life – with the objective of discovering what made them as successful as they are, you’ll find an interesting commonality:
None of them did it alone.
Long before they became successful, they learned to collaborate not compete. They became part of something bigger – bigger than themselves – something that continually made them bigger and better in their thinking and their results.
That something was a MASTERMIND.
Every highly successful business owner I know is part of a mastermind, a small, intimate group of thinking partners who collectively and individually form a unique alliance that takes every member to new levels of achievement on a continuous basis.
Branson’s in one. Gates is in one. Buffet’s in one.
This is not a new concept. Napoleon Hill, author of “Think & Grow Rich”, spent 2 decades researching the most successful people of his generation on the sponsorship of Andrew Carnegie (who was a billionaire at the start of 1900’s and employed 60 millionaires in his company).
Hill found – without exception – that the ultra-successful elite, the Carnegie’s, Ford’s and Firestone’s, purposefully surrounded themselves with people who stretched and improved them within a formal Mastermind process.
They were all members of a small alliance of thinking partners – people with knowledge, experience and wisdom who, by coming together on a regular basis, leveraged the power of their collective minds to massively and continually accelerate the success of everyone involved.
The process generated a continuous supply of profitable ideas, eye-opening solutions and innovative breakthroughs no member would ever generate alone.
Well that’s what you will be asked to do within The Alpha Group.
In “The Laws of Success”, the outcome of 20 years of dedicated research into what made the highest achievers from every walk of life accomplish such extraordinary results, Napoleon Hill reported:
“Search where you will, wherever you find an outstanding success in business, finance or industry or in any of the professions, you may be sure that back of that success is some individual who has applied the principle of mind chemistry, out of which a “MasterMind” has been created.
These outstanding successes often appear to be the handiwork of but one person, but search closely and the other individuals whose minds have been coordinated with his own may be found”.
This is why, back in 2015, we created our own Mastermind  Peer to Peer Group We called it The Alpha Group
We did it because… we knew it was the most important and valuable step of any entrepreneurial career.
Do you wish to be a part of this phonemic success story?
Please contact Colin, who will send you further information on what to do next.
Sincerely Yours,
Colin Lindsay
Managing Director
The Alpha Group Worldwide
M: +44 779 597 6292

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